Alfred Music’s ‘Sound Percussion for Individual or Group Instruction’

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • September 18, 2018

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Alfred Music’s much-anticipated addition to the Sound Innovations series, Sound Percussion for Individual or Group Instruction is now available.

Sound Percussion is comprised of four books: Snare Drum & Bass Drum, Mallet Percussion, Timpani, and Accessory Percussion, all which focus on developing skills of intermediate to advanced percussion students. Each book can be used independently to focus on a particular instrument or in any combination with each other as a full percussion ensemble. With a clear and consistent approach, students will learn the fundamentals necessary to become well-rounded percussionists. Lessons are presented in a fun and interesting way so that all members of the percussion section are engaged. Every student has a meaningful and thoughtful part for every exercise. A Teacher’s Score is also available.

Sound Percussion is perfect for the director who is a non-percussion specialist with a clear progression of notes, rhythms, and skills. Sound Advice tips are offered for many pages in the books to support student learning, as well as provide teaching goals. One of the goals the authors had in writing the series was to help instill confidence in teachers and support their delivery of meaningful and appropriate lesson content for percussion students.

Sound Percussion contains six chapters covering everything from setting up the drum to percussion ensemble performance. Depending on the specific educational objective of each lesson and the needs of the students, directors can work through the book(s) progressively or jump from chapter-to-chapter.

Sound Percussion books are available for $14.99 (Teacher’s Handbook for $49.99)

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