Anniversary Edition Saxophone from Cannonball

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • January 25, 2021

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Cannonball celebrates 25 years in business with a new special-edition model of the popular Big Bell Stone Series saxophones.

Each of these models is handcrafted with a nickel silver bell, bow, original neck, and FAT Neck, and is further enhanced with an oversized, solid titanium neck screw and lyre screw. An intricate pattern selected from Cannonball’s catalog of premium hand engravings – White Tiger – is carefully carved onto each bell and bow. Seventeen semi-precious Snakeskin Jasper stones adorn each saxophone. Finished in polished black nickel plating and acoustically hand-customized as with every pro Cannonball instrument, the striking presence and rich sound of these versatile saxophones make a bold statement. Available in alto (A5-25) and tenor (T5-25) through authorized Cannonball dealers worldwide beginning March 2021.

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