Audient Desk Enhances New Performing Arts Center In Arizona

Mike Lawson • Uncategorized • January 11, 2016

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona – A 24 channel Audient ASP8024 analogue mixing console is now at the heart of a new 1400 square foot teaching facility at Lake Havasu High School’s CTE (Career Technical Education) Audio Production Program. Remodeled earlier this year under the close supervision of its Director, Sam Brindis, the upgrade of this new studio space – to be known as Knight House Studios – heralds the beginning of a new era for the Music & Audio Production Technology program.

Brindis has adapted the course over the four years he’s been at Lake Havasu High School with program numbers steadily increasing from the initial 45 in his first year. “The program used to be called Audio/Video; there was pretty much no audio whatsoever.” That has certainly changed, with 160 students in regular contact with the desk today, learning basic recording techniques, tracking, mixing, signal flow and patching effects, phasing, acoustic design and ProTools. “Now with the new studio addition I expect the numbers to go even higher!” says Brindis, with confidence.

“Students learn audio production on the Audient console,” he explains. “It’s good for teaching as it is physically large enough to get more than a few kids on it at one time. I’m very impressed with the ease of use for instruction, and the EQ and the mic pres sound beautiful as well. I also like the assignment section, having both long and short throw faders, and I very much like the on board stereo compressor on the Master Bus.

“Of course, build quality and dependability are equally important,” he continues. “The desk seems rugged not flimsy, easy on the eyes with light colours, and there is room enough on the real estate to get in on and ‘work’ the different faders, knobs and buttons.”

With 2220 students, Lake Havasu High School is located on the shores of the Colorado River, along with the original London Bridge, relocated in the late 1960s. “I guess you could say we have some English ties as a result of the bridge!” laughs Brindis.

The ASP8024 console was purchased via US Audient dealer, Vintage King.



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