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Mike Lawson • ChoralFeatures • September 8, 2017

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It takes so much more to run the band than just the instruments we play to make music.

The “care and feeding” of our instruments is critical, and this month, SBO highlights some awesome accessories that help us keep our printed music and valuable instrumental investments looking, playing, and sounding their best! 


The String Cleaner 

The String Cleaner for Violin/Viola is a revolutionary device that cleans 360 degrees of all strings simultaneously while cleaning and buffing the finger board. It quickly and easily removes rosin and is so fun to use that even kids are now cleaning their strings. No more snow banks! 

The String Cleaner is designed for regular use and if used as instructed will extend the life of strings dramatically. Longer lasting strings saves the player time and money! Furthermore, The String Cleaner for Violin/Viol is not a disposable item. The pads are cleanable and the device will last for many years. This device is made by the company ToneGear and is the follow up product to their NAMM “Best In Show” award winning cleaner for guitar. The String Cleaner for Violin/Viola has received critical acclaim all over the world, 5 out of 5 star player feedback, and has gone viral on Facebook. Stephanie Baer, director of string studies at New York University, said, “The string cleaner is one of the best inventions yet! It makes cleaning my strings effortless! I highly recommend it to all string players!” 

Gamble Music Top-Opening Filing Envelopes 

One side of the Top-Opening Filing Envelope is pre-printed to help you organize your music by title, composer, arranger, publisher, instrumentation or voicing. There are even sections for keeping track of performance dates and – especially important for the choral director – the number of copies. Gamble Music is proud to have the only top-opening filing envelope on the market. 

Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil 

Ultra-Pure Oils LLC manufactures premium synthetic lubricants and accessories for brass and woodwind instruments. Ultra- Pure Professional Valve Oil is used by many of today’s leading players, including Wynton Marsalis, Chris Botti, Alison Balsom, Arturo Sandoval, and others. 



Ascenté, Synthetic Violin Strings  

D’Addario Orchestral announces their brand-new string set – Ascente, a synthetic violin set intended for string players of all levels and ages. Ascent. (pronounced “ah-SEN-tay”) violin strings have been specifically designed to help players advance their craft with elegance and consistency. With a wider tonal range, excellent pitch stability and longevity, this new synthetic core string delivers a more sophisticated palette that elevates playing to the next level. Available in three sizes: 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2, medium tension only, the Ascent. Violin set has solid orange silking at the ball end. The string set retails for $39.99 MSRP, with individual strings sold as well. 


Hug Tuba Stand by Tuba Essentials 

Versatile. Practical. A stand that fits all tubas and gets rid of the off the shelf, out of the case, on the floor, before you can play. And the reverse when you’re done, only to do it all again the next day (or the next class). 

• Constructed with STEEL tubing and four inch wheels. 

• Holds full size, 3/4 size tubas, euphoniums and baritones Is adjustable to fit the player while sitting or standing 

• Promotes good posture and armature development. 

• Decreases accidents causing dents. 

• Helps overcome physical challenges with players 

• Is an excellent addition for elementary and middle school bands. 

The tuba stands come with a five-year transferable factory warranty. 

Black Belt Cases from TKL 

TKL Cases has developed new models of its lightweight, strong and affordable Black Belt line of soft cases for “Parlor” student-size guitars and Ukuleles. 

These cases are affordably priced and feature TKL exclusives like a rugged T-Cord 600 exterior, Cushion-Soft lining, Cellulair protective padding, Providence Forge zippers, and a comfort-Grip Series I handle. Available models include #4675 Traditional .-size guitar case, #4650 Traditional .-size guitar case, #4649-S Traditional Soprano Uke case, #4649-C Traditional Concert Uke case, #4649-T Traditional Tenor Uke case, and #4649-B Traditional Baritone Uke case. In addition to these Parlor guitar and Ukulele models, the Black Belt series offers cases for all types of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, resonator guitars, lap steel guitars, banjos and mandolins, plus many string, wind and percussion instruments. Prices start at $39.95 

Clean, Protect, and Disinfect with HW Products 

It’s a well-known fact that woodwind and brass instruments are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, mildew, and mold, including staph, strep, e-coli, and candida. One of the best methods for removing and killing these potentially harmful germs is the Play-It-Safe disinfecting system from HW Products. This kit includes a flexible microfiber applicator and a strong yet non-toxic spray. Simply apply a light mist of the spray to the applicator, and insert into your instrument after playing to effectively kill and remove germs. Then, remove the applicator and continue cleaning as usual. The HW Play-It-Safe comes in a handy re-sealable plastic bag and is completely washable. 

The applicator is sized for flute, clarinet, sax neck, mouthpiece, and recorder, and the spray (included in the kit) is also sold separately for use with HW Pad-Saver and HW Brass-Saver products. With the entire collection of care products from HW Products, you have everything you need to clean, protect, and disinfect your instrument. 

The Wrist Radical 

The Wrist Rascal has arrived! Designed by a public-school string orchestra teacher as a tool to combat collapsed/ pancake wrist, the Wrist Rascal helps students improve their left-hand finger alignment and in turn, intonation. The concept is simple: The Wrist Rascal attaches to the violin in seconds with an elastic band which creates an extension of the upper shoulder of the violin. This new feeling of having the shoulder/body of the violin closer to the left hand (as if playing in third position) automatically encourages the left hand to take shape. The Wrist Rascal should not touch the left hand but encourage the fingers of the left hand to curve up and over and onto the fingerboard, creating a nice C-shape. This creates the feeling of being in third position. Through regular use, intonation is drastically improved and the collapsed wrist will become a thing of the past. This method of using third position to shape the left hand is not new to string pedagogy. It has been taught by Ivan Galamian and many other celebrated teachers, and can now be taught in the classroom with the help of the Wrist Rascal. Teacher packs available at half price. 

Infiniti Hard Rubber Mouthpiece from Bari Woodwinds 

These new hard rubber mouthpieces from Bari Woodwinds offer a broad sound and great projection with optimal control. The mouthpieces offer easy playing at the altissimo and lower ranges and are CNC machined from premium materials. From $155.95 





Rovner Proteus Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel 

The new Proteus Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel from Rovner comes in sizes from 62 to 68 for optimal tuning. The rectangular bore improves intonation and allows players to rotate the barrel to help achieve the most dynamic response, and woodwind “doublers” will notice improved intonation, more even scales, increased clarity of throat tones, improved articulation and better altissimo. Made of a durable polymer, the Proteus is durable in all weather conditions, making it a good fit for marching band players. Price: $89. 

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