BAND and Scott Lang Present Free, Five-Week Leadership Curriculum for Music Programs

Mike Lawson • News • July 21, 2020

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In these challenging times, Scott Lang and the BAND App have joined together to offer music teachers a completely free five-week leadership curriculum designed to make their ensemble better by making their students better.

Key features of the course include: a five-week flexible copy / paste video curriculum, designed for middle school and high school students and applicable to band, choir, and orchestra programs; lessons delivered via special BAND stream and email three times per week; timing the delivery of the content to coincide with the start of band camp or school year; and provided 100 percent free courtesy of the BAND App.

“Each unit contains a strategically and sequentially timed lesson, designed to help your students not only to grow as people, but to have a direct impact on your rehearsal process,” says Scott Lang, former band director and experienced leadership trainer. “Each video is three-five minutes has a call to action for the next rehearsal.”

Peter Hensch, manager at BAND explains further: “The problem with sharing lessons via websites is that teachers have no way of modifying or adding the content to fit to their unique programs. By optimizing the content to the BAND platform, teachers can share the lessons with their students and modify the content to their liking. Also, teachers can also see which students have read the lesson and students can directly interact with the lessons on their phone.”

“We understand that due to the current crisis a one-fit-all schedule might require a flexible model for teachers to receive the lessons. Therefore, during registration, teachers can select their individual starting date to get the content delivered to their inbox,” adds Lang.

 To sign up and register for this unique and exciting program, teachers can sign up on this website.

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