Bari Woodwinds Announces ‘New Attitude’

Mike Lawson • News • April 26, 2018

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Both the president Gary Spears and the CEO Ron Van Ostenbridge of Bari Woodwinds have introduced a new attitude at Bari.

Bari is proud to announce higher quality mouthpieces at the same low price and new improved synthetic reeds exceptionally suited to regular classroom use and day to day marching band use.

Ron Van Ostenbridge tells readers that “we have always been able to add value to teachers and students alike but with added manufacturing abilities we can produce even better-quality mouthpieces and Reeds then previously available all at the same low prices. We offer exceptional quality for teachers and even better value school boards. There is no better value on the market than Bari. Try the new Bari. We want to prove the difference to you!”

As Spears goes on to say, “It is always great to have a second chance at a first impression!”



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