Benefit Concerts for NAMM’s Museum of Making Music Raise $60,000 for Music Education Opportunities 

Mike Lawson • News • September 4, 2018

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NAMM’s Museum of Making Music (MoMM) has announced that its recent benefit shows A Concert for a Cause, featuring Herb Alpert and Lani Hall (August 10), and a Bluegrass Benefit with The Grascals and Flatt Lonesome (August 25) raised an estimated $60,000 in support of music education and music access.

Over 700 patrons attended the events in support of the Museum’s efforts to foster youth in the San Diego area and make a difference in the lives of thousands of children, adults, and seniors.

“Fundraising for both the young and the young at heart has never been more fun,” said Carolyn Grant, executive director of the MoMM. “What a testament to the power of artistry as we brought together different genres of music in a united front to benefit so many lives. We are grateful to the incredible artists, Herb Alpert and Lani Hall, as well as The Grascals and Flatt Lonesome for partnering with us in this special way and for supporting the important proposition of music’s ability to change lives.”
Programs supported include the MoMM’s Title I Tours, which provide access and often transportation costs for schools where over 92 percent of students live below the poverty line; the Adult Band Program, which offers band and orchestral programs for adults, including many older adults,  the opportunity to gather and participate in music-making opportunities; and the San Pasqual Academy Partnership, a hands-on music program for foster teens that supports students who are enhancing their life skills and broadening their horizons through music and music-related opportunities.   
Annually, the museum invests over $100,000 in support of equal access to music programs that impact thousands of children and adults from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.

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