Best in Class Holiday Gifts for Woodwind Musicians

Lisa Canning • December 2023Wind Talkers • December 11, 2023

It’s easy during the holiday season to think a gift certificate from the local school service music store is enough to remember your favorite someone who loves to play a woodwind instrument. However, this holiday season, consider taking the extra step to shop with a specialty woodwind retailer who probably has decades of experience on just their instrument and is far more likely to be a best-in-class choice for gift giving and better music making.  

Better Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds

Looking for a great new reed to gift a friend? If you know someone who plays the clarinet or saxophone and loves cane reeds- especially when they all play in the box- try Gonzalez Reeds. Run by the Gonzalez family in Argentina, choose from three different styles: Classic, Friends of Friends (FOF) and GD. The cane is well seasoned and truly superior in can quality and playability. They also sell oboe and bassoon cane.

One Amazing Reed Case

If you really want your reeds to last and play better for longer, consider the HumidiPro Reed Care Case designed to prolong the playing life of your reeds by providing the ideal humidity-controlled environment.  Lomax Classic has developed a super new reed case that will keep your reeds at a constant stable level of moisture while also preventing the harmful “wetting and drying cycle” which speeds up the aging process and causes the reed to warp. Their newest clarinet reed case holds 15 single reeds safely and securely and includes a digital hygrometer/thermometer and a humidipak that will last for many months at a time. It also features a replaceable reed holder.

Handmade Double Reeds is the Only Way to Grow!

Like most professional oboists, Jennett Ingle makes her own reeds.  Since 1998 she has been offering her oboe reeds for sale to the public.  While she doesn’t sell “student” or “beginner” reeds per se – every reed is made with the same high-quality cane she uses for herself.  She sells oboe, English horn, and oboe d’amore reeds.

Gift the Gift of Knowledge to Build a Thriving Music Career

And if by chance you are looking for a great read (no pun intended), don’t forget to buy a copy of The Happiest Musician: How to Thrive in Your Creative Career from her as well. For too many musicians and creative people, life in our capitalist society feels like a struggle. They are undervalued, underappreciated, and underpaid. But this does not have to be the case!

Develop Your Flute Career with Flute 360

Dr. Heidi Kay Begay enjoys mentoring creative artists who want to level up within their careers. Past and current creative help includes (but is not limited to) editing career documents, marketing strategies, technical aid with recording equipment, career advice, and much more! If you would like to help a flutist you love flourish, consider purchasing a coaching session or package for them.

Best Place to Buy Clarinet Music

Clarinetist Cameron Hewes was frustrated with the current ways of searching for clarinet repertoire.  ‘It’s easy to find endless, painstaking details about the latest rice cooker on the internet, but there is no consistency or depth in the information about musical works for the clarinet.’  Whether you’re planning your next recital program or building curriculum for your studio, or your classroom, CAMCO will provide you with the best search tools to find the perfect piece for BH, A, Eb, bass, alto or contrabass clarinet.

Clarinet Artwork You Will Love to Gift!

The image for this article was created by Cameron Hewes from CAMCO as well and is for sale through his website.  He offers some wonderfully clever entertaining pins and artwork for sale that will surely delight.

All I Want for the Holidays is My Own Woodwind Instrument

If you are looking to gift a musical instrument, there are no better places to shop then these fine woodwind specialty retailers. While they may not be local to you, allowing them to serve you through the mail will be sure to delight whoever is lucky to work with them.  


The Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company has served the flute world since 1996. At Carolyn’s you will find exquisite new and used flutes for sale, piccolos, professional repairs & service.


Lisa’s Clarinet Shop has been helping clarinetists sound and play their best for over four decades. Owned by a professional clarinetist, and staffed by all professional clarinetists, you can work with a clarinet consultant or with the owner herself, Lisa Canning, to find the perfect instrument.


As saxophone players at the Boston Sax Shop, they know it’s all about the little things. The details that go unnoticed by almost everyone else are what separates a good product from a great one. Boston Sax Shop cares about those details and strives to solve problems with each of their designs.


Whether you play in a professional orchestra, or a community group or high school band, Shawna Lake’s professional experience as a performer, is sure to help you or your student find the perfect instrument that will fit your concept of reed vibration and tonal production.


Midwest Musical Imports has an exceptionally large selection of bassoons. Their team of bassoon specialists is highly knowledgeable and passionate and will take the time to understand your playing style, budget and preference and match them to the perfect instrument for you or your student.

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