BG Franck Bichon Co-Founder Passes Away

Mike Lawson • News • August 8, 2018

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Today, SBO received the following statement from BG Franck Bichon regarding the passing of Serge Bichon, co-founder of BG Franck Bichon:

“One of the most respected Saxophone teachers in the French Classic School of Music has passed away. Serge Bichon, father of Franck Bichon, co-founder of BG passed away at the age of 83, on the 31st of July 2018. Serge was not only the BG acoustic specialist but also the originator of the BG ligature concept. A former student of Marcel Mule, the Master of French classic saxophone, Serge accomplished many things during his lifetime. His accomplishments included, teaching at the Lyon National Conservatory where he trained many key artists including Claude Delangle, Paris Sax Teacher and Jean DÉNIS MICHAT a sax professor and noted composer of the LYON Conservatory. Serge’s legacy including having the largest number of students accepted to the Paris Superior Conservatory. Serge also ended up teaching at the Paris Conservatory as a Professor of Saxophone. His career also saw Serge teach all members of the HABANERA QUARTET, the most rewarded wind quartet worldwide and saw him create the Ensemble De Saxophone of Lyon, an ensemble of 16 saxophones. They are a recorded ensemble He was also the founder of first EUROPEAN SAX CONTEST (GAP – FRANCE) and created 3 sax methods. Serge was devoted to, and passionate about teaching music. He will be missed by many.”

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