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Mike Lawson • Percussion • February 2, 2018

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Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you need to wait until the spring thaw to get involved with Drum Corps International.

Wintertime offers multiple ways to give your students opportunities to improve, perform, and have fun.

SoundSport and DrumLine Battle are DCI-sponsored programs that are continuing to grow worldwide, and you can be a part of the action in either or both activities. Both give your young performers the chance to shine – at any age, in any style, practically anywhere, at any level.

Events can be live, as close as your band room, or virtual, as far away as the other side of the world and everything in between.

These programs are low-cost options to be part of the newest trends, and have highly flexible formats to accommodate as many group sizes and performance combinations as you can put together.

It’s only a matter of imagination.

DrumLine Battle

Let your percussionists strut their stuff with 1.5-2 minutes of drumming, stick tricks, exciting visuals, acrobatic stunts, high-octane movement, and attitude. Just focus on showmanship for this fast-paced opportunity to showcase talent and innovation.

Full ensembles, small groups, and even individuals can be virtual stars with video submissions – all while improving their technical skills and performance proficiency. Through DrumLine Battle Face-off, individual students can video their best 30-45 second routine blending music and entertainment and submit it online to be matched up with individuals around the world.

Go to for more information.


You can also jump-start your creative genius by putting together an entry for SoundSport activities. There are currently more than 40 official teams across the U.S. and many more international participants, including more than 800 participants in Indonesia, 450 in Japan, and 350 across the United Kingdom.

Join them in taking advantage of this unique program that gives more and more performers the chance to be inventive and produce exciting presentations. SoundSport teams can have as few as five members, and represent colleges, high schools, middle schools, alumni corps, small drum corps, or groups completely independent of any affiliation. All instruments and ages can be part of the show, so even a group of “all-stars” featuring your members, instructors, parents, and alumni can participate.

A few ideas to get started:

• Turn a portion of your fall show into a stand-still performance

• Put together a quick 2-3 song show with your pep band or other ensemble.

• Encourage your students to write and perform a feature.

• Let individual sections within your band work up an entry.

• Form traditional or non-traditional ensembles of various instruments.

• Include unusual instruments for even more flair.

The idea is to use whatever you have at your disposal to transform your students into performers on a new level with minimal teaching time and maximum experience. Remember that even standstill performances work great – just add some horn movements or other easy visuals and you’re well on your way. The emphasis is showmanship, originality, and entertainment, so anything is possible. Really, anything.

Pick what works best for you and your students, and be a part of the newest DCI programs sweeping the world.

Now…go on and get started!

More information on how to get involved is available at,, and

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