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Buffet Crampon USA Announces Q&A Webcast Series

Victoria Wasylak • News • April 9, 2020

Buffet Crampon USA has announced the launch of a new Q&A series held via Facebook Live. These sessions will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 2p.m. EST, and will run through the end of April.

Below is the schedule for the web broadcasts:

Thursday, April 9 – B&S: World-class tubas and the history behind them with Declan Lynch

Tuesday, April 14 – B&S Trumpets – An Historic Deep Dive and Q&A with Warren Kus

Thursday, April 16 – Buffet Crampon and Keilwerth Saxophones: What are the differences? with Matt Vance

Tuesday, April 21- Antoine Courtois New York Series Trombones with Declan Lynch

Thursday, April 23 – Hans Hoyer – Heritage Series and Q&A with Warren Kus

Tuesday, April 28- Buffet Crampon, Rigoutat and Schreiber Double Reeds with Matt Vance and Laurie Orr

Thursday, April 30- Besson Brass – Brass Band British Invasion! with Warren Kus

Everything you wanted to know Buffet Crampon professional clarinets with Matt Vance (Originally broadcast Tuesday 4/7/20) is currently available to view at

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