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  • Guitar Method Options from Hal Leonard

    Lesley Schultz | July 10, 2021This month I am wrapping up the series of considerations for starting (or inheriting) a guitar class, with reviewing the options from one of the most prolific music publishers in Hal Leonard.  They publish two major guitar methods, the Hal Leonard Guitar Method by Will Schmid and Greg Koch and the Essential Elements for Guitar […] Read More...
  • To TAB or Not to TAB – That is the Question

    Lesley Schultz | June 12, 2021The last couple of articles I have discussed the things to consider when starting or inheriting a guitar class at the secondary level, along with the question, what do you ultimately want the students to learn. This month I compare and contrast two widely available method books and their applications for class use. With these […] Read More...
  • Choosing a Focus in Guitar Class

    Lesley Schultz | May 4, 2021In SBO’s May issue, string educator Lesley Shultz has some great advice for new and experienced string teachers now faced with starting a guitar class. The key question to ask yourself is, what do you want the students to learn? Read More...
  • Who Me? Teach Guitar?

    Lesley Schultz | April 6, 2021Orchestra and secondary general music teacher Lesley Schultz has everything you need to know about making this non-traditional stringed instrument part of your new tradition when you’re the string teacher. Read More...
  • Advanced Technique for Strings – Push Your Group to the Limits

    Lesley Schultz | March 6, 2021This month, Lesley Schultz focuses on a book for groups that play level 3.5 music or higher, Advanced Techniques for Strings, from Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements for Strings series, a.k.a., “The Gold Book.” Read More...
  • Essential Technique 2000 for Strings – Get Your Level 2 or 3 Group Shifting

    Lesley Schultz | February 5, 2021Essential Technique 2000 presents concepts in ways that are accessible to a wide variety of learners, featuring finger map patterns and pictures for each instrument. Learn more about this release from Hal Leonard. Read More...
  • Grade 3 Ensemble Books that Can Take the ‘Meh’ Out of Your Group

    Mike Lawson | January 8, 2021

    I don’t know about you, but January seems extra “meh” this year. A good deal of music educator association groups around the world have cancelled the usual festivals and contests, or have taken them virtual this year, leading to goal posts and repertoire selection that looks a little different from a normal year.

  • Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Fleet!

    Mike Lawson | December 3, 2020

    If you are reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, then you know that aside from it being the most wonderful time of the year for everyone, it is also the time of the year where the weather transforms for most of us. If you are in one of those lucky places that do not get temperature and humidity extremes that some of us in the Midwest get, it is still a good time of year to look over your school instrument fleet for any needed repairs while there is a break in the action.

  • You Are Enough: Self-Care in this Stressful Time

    Mike Lawson | October 28, 2020

    The phrase has been overused recently, but we are in unprecedented times. I am taking a step back from the orchestra tips this month, to address the stress I am seeing every day in the various social media groups I belong to.

  • Sound Matters: Sound Equipment to Enhance Distance Learning in Orchestra

    Mike Lawson | October 1, 2020

    Music listening and playing is ultimately about sound. So why are you not using simple tools to enhance your teaching experience or your online learners experience?

  • Organizing Your Instrument Fleet and Supplies for Student Success

    Mike Lawson | September 2, 2020

    Organizing your school instrument fleet can be a daunting task. Depending on the size of your district and program, you could deal with hundreds of instruments, and orchestral string instruments are notorious for not having serial numbers.

  • The Time for Chamber Music Is Now!

    Mike Lawson | July 31, 2020

    With COVID-19 throwing havoc into school schedules, even if we are back, we may not have orchestra class as we know it. If we are lucky, we might get a say in how our smaller groups are put together, but in most cases that will be decided for us. What are we going to do if one of our small groups ends up with seven violins, two violas and a bass in our high school groups?

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