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  • Setting Goals for Your Performance Tour

    Tom Merrill | October 4, 2017

    Once you’ve decided that performance travel will be a part of what your program offers, it’s wise to set some goals to achieve that are related to the tour itself.

  • Mapping Your Way: Finding the Best Travel Planner

    Tom Merrill | September 8, 2017

    At some point in your music education career, and by some point I mean “every couple of weeks”, you will likely be posed the following question from a student, a parent booster, an administrator, or all of the above: “When’s our next trip?” 

  • Location, Location, Location: Choosing Site-Appropriate Repertoire

    Tom Merrill | August 11, 2017

    Several years ago, while still working as a travel planner, I was the on-site tour director for one of my client groups.

  • Tending the Landscape Over the Summer

    Tom Merrill | July 14, 2017

    We have a patio behind our house made of paver bricks surrounded by landscaping.

  • Festivals and Travel Resources for 2018!

    Mike Lawson | June 19, 2017

    The 2017 school year is over, summer band programs are beginning, and planning for 2018 is well underway.

  • Prevent a Blizzard of Worries: Have a Travel Planner

    Tom Merrill | March 20, 2017

    Early in February, winter storms Maya and Niko cut across the northern United States and the east coast, bringing with them advisories ranging anywhere from “blowing and drifting” to “repent your sins.” And as I watched the coverage on the news, one thought consistently went through my mind: thank goodness it wasn’t peak tour season.

  • Early Planning – The First Step to Tour Success

    Tom Merrill | February 13, 2017

    With the new year begun and 2017 a few weeks in, it’s time to start thinking about...2018. Wait a minute, you might be thinking. I just now finally got my holiday cards in the mail.

  • Leadership Lessons from Wrigley Field

    Tom Merrill | December 13, 2016

    We’ve all been thinking about leadership a lot lately.

  • Selecting the Best Trip for Your Students

    George Nimmo | November 11, 2016

    Traveling with your student performing groups can be a rewarding and enlightening experience.

  • The Long Game: Multi-Year Planning

    Tom Merrill | November 11, 2016

    Living in the northern Chicago suburbs, I’m a proud Chicago Cubs fan. And as I write this, they are poised to possibly win their first World Series in over a century.

  • The Benefits of a Performance Event While on a Music Tour

    Tom Merrill | October 6, 2016

    Tom MerrillWe lived in the Boulder, Colorado, area for nearly 15 years. If you’ve ever been there, you know that it is a bit of an eclectic place. Legally now.

  • The Benefits of Staying on Both Sides of the Podium

    Tom Merrill | September 8, 2016

    Many of us have just completed another summer of performing in community summer bands or orchestras— the once per week, concert in the park ensembles that play a wide variety of repertoire.

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