Clevelander Mallets’ New Lines

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • June 29, 2019

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Clevelander Mallets are made in Cleveland, Ohio, and are designed for players ranging from student level to professional performers.

The Symphonic Series is designed for college students, amateurs, and professionals alike. This series includes the well-known bamboo timpani mallets, and finely crafted keyboard mallets.

The Concert Series is designed for middle and high school music programs, and offers exceptional playability and affordability. The Marching (Drum Corp) Series is a collection of durable and proven mallets which are suited for high school and college marching programs. The Parade Series is designed for use in swing-type marching bands, and even Celtic Pipe bands. The bass drum and tenor mallets are fitted with hardwood handles and hand straps to allow for “stick-tricks.”

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