Create, Perform, Respond, and Connect with SoundCheck

John Mlynczak • January 2023Technology • January 15, 2023

The largest library of performance assessment and composition materials designed to engage students at all levels.  Performance assessment technology should be less about assessment and more about student engagement. Hal Leonard’s SoundCheck, powered by MatchMySound, engages students by offering a library of over 83,000 titles with a mix of band, orchestra, and choir repertoire as well as thousands of popular songs. All content is also fully editable with Noteflight on any device, allowing infinite possibilities for arranging music and using SoundCheck to learn to play music.

Technology connects our world, so our music technology platforms should connect our students, not isolate them. Students should be able to seamlessly share their music and assessments with others for peer review. Assignments should scaffold, allowing students to compose variations, learn to play them with various degrees of difficulty, and share further to create a feedback loop. SoundCheck is fully integrated with Google Classroom, as well as Canvas, Schoology, and all other learning management systems, so students can seamlessly toggle between their music technology tool and their LMS. In addition, the Noteflight Learn platform on which SoundCheck is built offers extended options to share, comment, and even allows students to create assignments for each other!

Learning is a process, not a product, so it is important that music technology focus on the tools needed for students to learn their music. SoundCheck offers Unlocked and Locked Modes for this very reason. Locked mode is for summative assessments, where students cannot adapt the assignment in any way and their teacher is in control of how many attempts they get. But in Unlocked Mode, students can freely slow down, change backing tracks, isolate sections, and learn their music at their own pace. This is the process of learning, and students can share their progress with their peers or teachers at any stage. 

Students want to create and play music, not use technology. Hal Leonard has created the world’s largest performance assessment and composition library so that students have access to the popular music they love. Every file can be used for performance assessment, but more importantly arranged and edited with Noteflight. This powerful combination of performance assessment and notation, along with the collaboration and feedback tools, creates a cycle of learning where creating, performing, responding, and connecting are interwoven throughout the music learning experience. Where the technology does not get in the way, rather facilitates a culture of engagement around creating and learning music.

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