D’Addario Promark DC17 Light and DC27 Scooter

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • December 14, 2015

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Promark has announced two new stick models in their System Blue marching line, the DC17 Light and the DC27 Scooter (both are available now).
The DC17 Light answers market demand for a stick that caters to the growing popularity of the marching activity in the youth category. The “Light” is a scaled down version of the ever-popular DC17 model.

Read more at Promark by D’Addario (www.daddario.com)

This stick offers a lighter feel with robust projection and made at spec for smaller hands. This stick is a perfect solution for drum lines looking for a fast, responsive stick for high tempo passages and full compositions.

Item #: TXDC17iW; Product Name: DC17 Light; Product Specs: Length: 16-5/8”, Diameter: .650”, Tip Type: Large Round
Item #: TXDC27W; Product Name: DC27 Scooter; Product Specs: Length: 16-3/4”, Diameter: .680” / Tip: modified barrel wood tip.


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