D’Addario Woodwinds Transitions to Certified Organic

SBO Staff • News • April 3, 2023

D’Addario Woodwinds is proud to announce the world’s first and only 100% Certified Organic reeds for clarinet and saxophone.

The new D’Addario Organics brand is a promise that no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers are ever used in the growing, cultivating, sanitizing, or manufacturing processes. Now, D’Addario can offer a reed with unparalleled consistency and tonal quality that is also 100% Certified Organic, providing the highest level of comfort for players, educators, students, and their parents.

“When I took charge of the D’Addario family plantation in 2008, I immediately began transitioning the plantations to an organic process,” says Philippe Weibel, France Operations Manager. “This approach was a natural instinct for me; why not push further towards an organic product that is even more respectful to the environment and human beings?”

As part of this evolution, D’Addario is also removing the traditional plastic reed holders, moving instead to a renewable paper version which will eliminate more than 60,000 pounds of plastic waste each year. Reeds will be individually wrapped in a recyclable wrapper to ensure each reed is sanitary and securely protected from environmental elements.

D’Addario’s Certified Organic reeds originally launched in October 2022 across Europe for Reserve and Select Jazz Lines. Now the same reed lines are available across the United States and Canada, with the entirety of the company’s cane reed portfolio fully transitioning globally by 2025.

“The D’Addario family business has been built on a combination of innovation and social responsibility,” says Chief Innovation Officer, Jim D’Addario. “About seven years ago, I challenged our woodwinds team, particularly the agricultural staff that maintains our cane plantations, to convert all our growing and manufacturing processes to 100% Certified Organic practices. We have received and currently maintain official certifications across all facilities and processes and have ensured that the quality and consistency of our products have not experienced any negative side effects. If anything, we have improved the consistency of our cutting process and strength sorting capabilities.”

Transitioning the entire portfolio of cane reeds to Certified Organic is the next step in D’Addario’s commitment to being better stewards of the environment while providing players with the highest quality product possible. In short, these new organic reeds demonstrate D’Addario’s respect for both the player and the planet.

To learn more about the D’Addario Organics story, please visit https://ddar.io/organics_pr.

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