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Diamondback Laser-Engraved Sticks Now Available In Five Popular Models

Naomi Crews • Instruments & Gear • January 19, 2015

Laser-Engraved Drumsticks, Diamondback

Laser-Engraved Drumsticks, Diamondback

Diamondback Drumsticks are currently available in a choice of five popular models: 5A – 16” length and 0.575” diameter, 5A XL – 16.250” length and 0.575” diameter, 5B – 16.125” length and O.595” diameter, 5B XL – 16.375” length and 0.595” diameter, 2B – 16.125” length and 0.650” diameter. The drummer-designed sticks feature a laser-engraved grip and are made from USA hickory.

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