Flat for Education: The Classroom Assistant That Never Sleeps

SBO Staff • March 2024TechnologyUpClose • March 30, 2024

With digital tools now a central part of the classroom experience, teachers want to make sure those tools are truly helping them rather than creating additional hassles. That’s why Flat for Education has been built as an intelligent, customizable assistant that can improve the music learning and teaching experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

On the learning side, students love the ability to practice music and work on assignments anywhere, anytime. The online music notation editor, based on the same collaborative principles that underlie Google Docs, is an easy way to let them compose whenever inspiration hits. That same “anywhere, anytime” ethos enables students to conveniently complete assignments and check grades & feedback. Useful learning aids such as Boomwhackers and Kodály notation give students a variety of pathways for imprinting musical concepts in their heads. Plus, as budding musicians they love the ability to add high quality instrument playback and hear how their compositions sound in real time.

On the teaching side, Flat for Education helps teachers and administrators save time over the short and long terms. With a simple licensing system and the ability to sync with all the major classroom LLMs, Flat for Education ensures more time is spent on building engaging curriculums and lessons than entering grades or classroom management. One big highlight is the resource library, which becomes a personalized source of reusable materials as teachers develop their classes. Whether it’s working on basic music theory via worksheets, individual or group composition assignments, or recording performances that can be submitted for teacher feedback, there’s virtually no limit to the variety of tasks you can create, assign, and re-use year after year.

The reliability and flexibility of the resource library also comes in very handy as teachers work to improve outcomes by ensuring their lessons and assignments are meeting each student’s unique needs. For example, Flat for Education makes it easy to create some extra worksheet help for a group of students that’s struggling with chord progressions, or assign different practice tasks to different instrument groups in an orchestra. So, whether you’re adapting a lesson to fit a new grade level or simply considering different competencies within a current class, Flat for Education is there to give you a powerful boost.

Thanks to feedback from 10,000+ teachers who have taught over 2 million music students around the globe, Flat for Education has been continually improved to fit real learning needs. Creating an optimal experience starts with a simple licensing and onboarding process and continues as teachers and students quickly get up and running with the music editor and assignments. Whether it’s a beginning music classroom or a group of advanced learners, the platform’s customization features allow everyone to concentrate on the appropriate musical tasks, not getting lost in anything too complicated or bored with anything too basic.

The Flat for Education team is so sure it will be a hit in your classroom they offer a free 3-month trial, letting you and your students see all the benefits the platform has to offer.


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