Fourth Graders Make Music Again

Mike Lawson • News • December 23, 2015

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Student PlayingMore than 1,700 fourth-graders in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District are getting the chance to learn to read music, sing, and draw a bow across some cello or violin strings.

The fourth-grade music program was on hiatus for seven years because of budget cuts, but with more money coming from the state now, the program was reinstated this year.

On Monday, nearly 80 fourth-graders at Van Buren Elementary School rushed to their 45-minute music class. At the beginning of the school year, students were given the option to select strings or vocal and general music.

Dylan Castiglione, 9, chose to play the bass, which stands taller than he does, because he “likes to take risks.”

“The class makes me feel good. I’m actually really happy because I really did not want to wait until next year to start playing,” Castiglione said. “I really wanted to start this year and I know I couldn’t play, but then they announced that I was playing and I was all, ‘This is awesome.’”

The majority of students chose to play the violin, but the viola and cello are also popular.

“Here I get to relax and play music,” said Clarisse Curameng, who has been playing piano for six years. “All these fourth-graders now get to experience how to play an instrument because some kids don’t even get to play instruments.”

Davon Metoyer, 10, says it’s fun to play the violin. “It makes me feel I want to grow up and be on a show,” he said.

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