Giant Shoes

Thomas Palmatier • March 2022Perspective • March 18, 2022

One of my favorite jazz tunes is “Giant Steps” performed by John Coltrane. In my college years, I spent countless hours studying this and other jazz masterpieces and doing my best to play them. Well, now I’m thinking more about Giant Shoes than I am “Giant Steps.”  SBO’s long-time editor, Mike Lawson, has put out an amazing magazine for years that has inspired thousands of students and teachers. As you may know, he is now publisher of several magazines. He looked around for someone to succeed him as editor of SBO and apparently no one else was around! 

During my decades in the Army, in addition to performing amazing music in over 50 countries, I also jumped out of airplanes thousands of feet in the air and experienced incoming small arms, mortar, and rocket fire in multiple combat zones. But this next challenge has me really scared!

Mike has approached SBO with the passion of a life-long performing musician. I am one of those too but have also been a music educator and director for more than 40 years. My goal is to continue Mike’s great work while ensuring we keep SBO focused on the needs of educators and students in band and orchestra rooms all over the nation. For that, I will need your help! 

Have something to share and want to write for SBO?  Click on the “WRITE FOR SBO” button on our homepage. Is there something you wish to read an article about?  Let me know!

We will continue to get great articles on music technology from Bobby Owsinski and Jon Bubbett will take over doing book reviews and Robert W. Smith will keep sharing his Playing Tips nuggets. Our monthly features of America’s Musicians serving in uniform will continue and we hope to also share with you what’s going on in the world of arts advocacy. We will help you keep up with new things from the music industry and may start featuring new music reviews. Recommend SBO to a friend!

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