GluBoost Glue Dry Accelerator

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • June 20, 2016

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GluBoost Glue Dry accelerator,the flagship product from the New Jersey-based company of the same name, features a unique formula created by scientists to aid in wood instrument build and repair.

GluBoost accelerator is designed to dry all CA glues instantly with a clear finish and repair work can be done with no bubbling, pitting, hazing, blushing, or yellowing. The product is formulated to accelerate drying times and cut down on sanding.

The GluBoost family of products consists of two adhesives MasterGlu Thin and UltraThin CA adhesives; a drop fill and finishing product Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula, and GluBoost non-blushing glue dry accelerator.

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