Grateful Dead Accessories and LokNob Dials from D’Addario

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • January 14, 2020

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With the help of Warner Music Artist Services, D’Addario has taken on the vast art portfolio of the Grateful Dead to release a brand-new line of Grateful Dead licensed products.

A line of woven nylon guitar straps featuring two designs in four different colors and one 10-pack celluloid pick design available in two colorways are available now.

D’Addario Accessories’ LokNob is the “set-it and forget it” knob for your amplifier, pedals, and guitar knobs. The LokNob eliminates the chance of accidentally hitting the knob and changing your settings. The knobs stay put until you want to change them. The LokNob is available in three forms in various materials and finishes; LokNob, Tour Cap, and Brake Pad. The easy-to-install LokNob dials and locks in your sound settings. Once in place, simply rotate the knob to click into the sound you need. For larger adjustments, simply lift the knob, rotate to your desired sound, then release to lock in the setting. LokNob retrofits to most amplifiers, effects pedals, instruments, and live/studio gear and is fully reversible.

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