GripOPhone Lyres: A Horn Lyre for the 21st Century

SBO Staff • Instruments & GearNews • July 13, 2021

GripOPhone Lyre

Good old fashioned sheet music will never truly go away, but a phone can easily take the place of having to carry a book. In fact, many school music programs have completely stopped printing music instead opting to simply email the sheet music to students.

The GripOPhone Lyre was designed and built by an engineer/trumpeter/entrepreneur that saw a need for a simple, clean, and easy way to mount a phone to a horn. Any modern phone will fit the universal clamp and it can be easily adjusted to portrait or landscape mode. The lyre even allows a player to take awesome first person video shots of a performance from the perspective of the performer. The GripOPhone base is meant to stay on the horn for easy storage without having to completely uninstall. All GripOPhone Lyres are made in Orange, CA. They’re available at Amazon, Ebay, or

There are two models available right now:
1. Trumpet (fits almost any standard Bb, Eb, C, trumpet, or cornet)
2. Low Brass (fits all Trombones, flugelhorns, most marching baritones, mellophones, and marching euphoniums).

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