Groovin’ Up ‘n Down in D

George Edwin Smith • Great Music ReviewsNovember 2023 • November 1, 2023

SBO+: We issued a call for teachers who have written pieces for their students and have received several that are working through the review process now. Check out this piece by George Edwin Smith.

Your students will enjoy “Groovin’ Up ‘n Down in D”, a study in the key of D major for first-year string players, which provides an excellent opportunity to practice going up and down the D major scale, with appropriate interval preparation and harmonies, while employing pizzicato and arco techniques. You and your students can download free individual instrument rehearsal click tracks for practice at home or in small groups or for virtual practice, by going to and clicking on “Free String mp3 Rehearsal Tracks”. Then find the appropriate mp3 sound file for their part. This piece is available at J.W. Pepper.

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