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Guitarrón and Vihuela String Sets from D’Addario

Victoria Wasylak • Instruments & Gear • September 25, 2019

The Mariachi Guitarrón Phosphor Bronze Strings from D’Addario feature Phosphor Bronze wound bass strings with NY Steel cores. which provide better pitch stability and higher break strength.

The treble strings feature D’Addario’s in-house extruded monofilament nylon-wrapped on monofilament nylon, and the proprietary loop end construction method ensures that these strings will fit any Guitarrón and will not prematurely break. Each string has a long-lasting, distinctively full tone, excellent intonation, and can be trimmed to the needed length at the headstock.

The Mariachi Vihuela Nylon Strings are made with D’Addario’s in-house extruded Pro-Arté nylon. Each set is crafted with precision to perform and pay homage to the rich Mariachi musical culture. The Vihuela string sets are available for pre-order now in normal, custom, and hard tension sets.

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