ISP Technologies “In Mask” Microphone System

SBO Staff • Instruments & GearMarch 2021New Products • February 19, 2021

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ISP Technologies’ Classroom Infrared Amplification System promises to enhance voice clarity with a miniature microphone installed directly into the mask. The company says its design has an advantage over other systems that are designed to use a hanging pendant microphone, hand held microphone or over the ear microphone that amplifies an already-muffled voice.

The patent pending “In the Mask” microphone system provides new MEMS Microphone technology that places the microphone inside the mask, only a few millimeters away from the users mouth. Custom designed masks come with an internal microphone cavity. Microphones can be removed and inserted into a clean mask daily, allowing masks to be cleaned and re-used. The removable MEMS microphone has amazingly flat frequency response and has a built in precision microphone preamplifier that connects to the small pendant transmitter/body pack, which transmits the microphone audio.

The system operates in the Infrared spectrum that allows directly adjacent classroom operation without interference. Up to two microphones can be used with the system with independent level control. The IR transmitters send an infrared signal to wall or ceiling mounted IR sensors, which connect to the IR wireless receiver. The IR receiver decodes the IR audio and provides independent level control for both microphone A and B. An optional hand-held microphone IR500H is also available.

The mask microphone connects to the pendant with a standard 3.5mm cable. The pendant also includes a cloth lanyard to hang around the neck and also has a rear spring clip for attachment to a belt or other clothing. The pendant also includes a built in microphone on top allowing use in a standard configuration if desirable. The transmitter has a typical battery time of 8 to 10 hours before charging.

Both cradle charging and mini USB charging options are included with the system. The output of the IR receiver connects to the input of the SCM100 Line Mixer/HDDS Audio System. The SCM100 provides input 4 channels of audio allowing dual IR microphones plus 3 other audio input signals from a laptop, projector or other classroom audio signals. The SCM100 includes microphone vocal enhancing technology for increased voice clarity plus bass and treble controls on each input channel and also incorporates ISP Technologies patented HDDS Audio Technology. The HDDS technology allows connection to several options of powered speakers all over simple category 6 wiring. The HDDS System uses audio-file Class A/B amplifier topology and delivers superior headroom and sonic performance. The SCM100 output power is typically 4 times that of other classroom systems which further enhances the headroom and clarity of the sound. The system can be used with either in ceiling speakers or wall mount/bookshelf style speakers.

The patent pending “In the Mask” MEMS microphone system allows fro unparalleled sound quality and voice clarity is compared to any other classroom system. This, along with the increased headroom and power of the SCM100 HDDS system, plus the optional dual classroom microphone operation, delivers superior performance. No longer will teachers have to strain to trying to enunciate with proper articulation. Speech becomes natural and even easier than it would be without a mask, and students will hear with clarity and precision, making teaching and learning easier.

System Specifications

 Infrared wireless range — 15 meters

 Maximum output power — 150 watts RMS 300 watts Peak

 System frequency response — 50Hz to 18KHz

 Bass / Treble adjustment range +/-12db

 4 Audio Input channels

More info: ISP Technologies 5479 Perry Drive Suite B Waterford, MI 48329;

To download a PDF, CLICK HERE



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