Jazz Ensemble New Releases from Excelcia Music Publishing

SBO Staff • News • May 12, 2022

Excelcia Music Publishing released its third Jazz Ensemble music catalog with new charts from well-known composers and talented new voices.  The 2022-23 music stays on the front edge of Jazz by making the music engaging, playable, fun, and educationally sound for contemporary Jazz ensembles.

Excelcia Music Publishing’s new Jazz Ensemble release can be reviewed and purchased using the publisher’s interactive digital catalog, which includes Composer Insights videos where composers share inspiration and details about their pieces, pop-up Score Videos, and preview scores for each piece. The release also includes live professional recordings of each piece which can be used as a tool with students in the classroom as well as for remote learning.

“I’m really excited about the quality and freshness of the music this year,” says Excelcia Jazz Editor Blair Bielawski.  “The music has lots of cool and innovative ideas, along with some great straight ahead flagwavers. The recordings are especially fantastic this year with us finally getting the whole band back in the studio.”

The publisher’s 2022 Jazz Ensemble Music release includes pieces from composers Kris Berg, Blair Bielawski, Larry Clark, Jack Cooper, Steve Parsons, Jamie Roth, David Samuel, Peter Sciaino, Carl Strommen, and Steve Wiest.  The publisher also welcomes the following new composers to its Jazz Ensemble catalog: Christopher Artau, Michele Fernández, and Anthony Susi.

Each score, and its accompanying parts, are meticulously-edited and beautifully set for ease of reading and include unique features to increase accessibility and help facilitate efficient rehearsals.  Published in Excelcia Music Publishing’s signature color-coded series, the 2022-23 Jazz Ensemble Music charts are grouped into five levels that range in difficulty from music appropriate for middle school students just starting their jazz journey to more challenging music for high school groups: Jazz Odyssey Series (grade 1), Jazz Exploration Series (grade 1.5), Jazz Horizon Series (grade 2), Jazz Voyage Series (grade 3) and Jazz Zenith Series (grade 4 and up).  All Jazz charts come with free play-along practice tracks for practice of improvisation skills, featuring rhythm section accompaniment over the solo section changes.  Keeping with the publisher’s focus on accessibility, a Guitar chord frame chart for each piece is included in Grades 1 and 1.5, showing both basic and advanced options for the Guitar player.

Excelcia Music Publishing’s 2022-23 Jazz Ensemble music is available from music retailers everywhere and from the publisher.

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