JodyJazz Power Ring Ligature

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • October 6, 2016

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The JodyJazz Power Ring Ligature features an all new design that provides both a significant improvement in performance and greatly enhanced visual appeal. Taking the essence of his original ring ligature design, Jody Espina has added greater thickness and heft together with more pronounced side curves and extreme contoured edges both top and bottom. Like the original ring ligature, the new Power Ring ’s self-locking CNC machined taper touches on three points only; the left and right side of the reed and on top of the mouthpiece. There are no moving or added parts, designed to increase the efficiency of vibration.

The first POWER RING Ligature models to be launched have been designed specifically for the JodyJazz DV, DV CHI and DV NY series of saxophone mouthpieces. Though there are numerous ligature models by many well-known brands on the market that fit and work well with the JodyJazz DV, DV CHI or DV NY series, none of them have been designed specifically for these mouthpieces. The taper of the Power Ring Ligature is perfectly designed to be an exact fit with the DV, DV CHI and DV NY series mouthpieces. The POWER RING simply slides over the reed and becomes very secure as it is pushed tightly over the reed. Price: $59.95.

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