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Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • July 24, 2015

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D’Addario All-Natural Reed GuardD’Addario All-Natural Cork Grease and Reed Guard

This premium cork grease is all-natural – made with a unique blend of natural and organic materials. It provides and retains ample, non-greasy lubrication to keep corks at their best and prevent them from breaking down.  

D’Addario All-Natural Cork GreaseTo complement their reeds, D’Addario’s new Reed Guard is a stylish, effective way to keep reeds safe and secure. The new reed guards offer a convenient, affordable storage solution for students, educators, and artists. The grooved surfaces prevent reed warping, and the soft elastomer cover is designed to securely yet gently hold any assortment of BH and EH clarinet reeds or soprano and alto saxophone reeds. The reed guards hold four reeds and are available in black, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. This product accompanies Rico Reed Guards, D’Addario’s current reed storage solutions, and can be ordered in single quantities.            


Rovner Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel

Rovner Rectangular Bore Clarinet BarrelRovner’s patented Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel offers a uniquely personalized playing experience for any clarinet player. Woodwind “doublers” will find it particularly supportive of their intonation when switching from saxophone to clarinet. Band directors, too, will find it a cost-effective means of providing greater ease of play by improving intonation for their students, who can adjust the barrel to suit their needs instead of struggling to make adjustments to themselves. Experienced players will notice increased clarity of throat tones, more even scales, better articulation, and improved altissimo response. As players change their other equipment, the barrel can adjust to any new set-up with a simple rotation. The barrel is made of a durable, high-performance polymer that is stable in all weather conditions, making it ideal for any type of outdoor performance.  Available in sizes 64, 65, and 66 for optimal tuning. MSRP: $119.                  


Manhasset Percussion Trap Tables

Manhasset Percussion Trap Tables 

The Manhasset Percussion Trap Tables feature large 14” x 18” tables with carpet padding included for quiet handling of percussive instruments. Three of the edges are raised to keep instruments from rolling off of the table. Both models include the famous Manhasset shaft with Magic Finger Clutch to allow for easy height adjustment and dependable use. The model #2200 Manhasset Percussion Trap Table has the standard Symphony base and has a retail price of $162.95. The model #2250 Manhasset Percussion Trap Table has the Voyager base and has a retail price of $159.95. 


TC Electronic Polytune ClipTC Electronic Polytune Clip

PolyTune Clip is the world’s first polyphonic clip-on tuner. It features a fast and accurate chromatic tuner and a strobe tuner mode with an unprecedented +/- 0.02 cent pin-point precision. It also features an ultra-bright adaptive display that automatically detects if all strings are strummed at once or if individual notes are plucked. It also automatically flips the screen to guarantee a perfect readout no matter where it’s placed on the headstock. Price: $50.



Sabian Paragon Cymbals for Rush R40 TourSabian Paragon Cymbals for Rush R40 Tour

To commemorate 40 years of RUSH and the band’s R40 tour – and 10 years of the Sabian Paragon line  – Sabian announced four new Paragon models. New 17”, 19”, and 22” Crashes round out the line’s offering of crash cymbals, providing larger sizes. In addition, new 15” Paragon Hi-Hats also fill a need for larger hats. The new Paragon Crashes are medium weight models with large bells to boost volume, a combination of wide-groove and pinpoint lathing for increased brightness and explosive response, and hand-hammered bells for increased musicality. The medium weight hats offer fast and crisp response, and well-defined sticking.



NFUZD Audio NSPIRE SeriesThe NSPIRE series I/O Module uses Open Architecture, enabling access to a sample library that is virtually endless, and includes BFD Eco NFUZD Edition VST software. The NSPIRE Series Advanced Drum Emulation System (A.D.E.) utilizes true WAV sample playback allowing for superior acoustic drum sound reproduction with a wide dynamic range. This technology enables drummers and other music creators to easily adapt the system to best fit their unique creative needs, without the limits imposed by traditional e-drum hardware and software systems.  


Prints & Digital

Hal Leonard Blues Keyboard Method and Jazz Session Trainer

Hal Leonard Jazz Session TrainerThe Hal Leonard Blues Keyboard Method is designed for folks with some basic piano chops who are looking to further explore playing the blues. This comprehensive, easy-to-use guide focuses on teaching the essentials of the style, with lots of fun licks to play and absorb. Sammon covers: blues vocabulary; ensemble playing; intros, turnarounds, licks and endings; piano and organ accompaniment; playing a solo; and much more. He even includes an Essential Listening List so readers can immerse themselves in the style. The accompanying audio includes Sammon’s demonstrations of all the examples in the book, for download and/or streaming.  

Hal Leonard Blues Keyboard MethodSubtitled The Woodshedder’s Practice Kit, the Jazz Session Trainer is the ideal resource for players who want to hone their improvising skills, improve their chops, and feel at home in a jam session. In addition to a generous dose of scales, exercises, and licks, the book includes a chapter on jam session etiquette, a practice planner, and chord charts – plus accompanying audio – for 50 frequently played tunes.          


Kendor Music The Power of Two 

Kendor Music The Power of Two These 12 easy-medium level jazz duets can all be performed with the accompanying rhythm section MP3 tracks. The parts are fully interchangeable among the various instrument editions, making these books ideal for lesson groups. There are four downloadable MP3 tracks for each duet: an individual can play either duet part while the MP3 plays the other part; two players can practice playing both parts along with the rhythm-section-only tracks; and a player can also work on improvisation skills by playing along with the rhythm-section-only tracks. A full performance track is also included for listening purposes. 


Meredith Music Artistic Nuance: Uncovering the Mystery of Musical Expression 

Meredith Music Artistic NuanceMeredith Music’s latest publication, Artistic Nuance: Uncovering the Mystery of Musical Expression presents the art of musical expression in a unique and understandable way that is easy to apply with student musicians. Through music study, students experience the beauty of musical expression – compassion, feeling, sensitivity, warmth, empathy, and respect. These are but a few living or life priorities included in music study that no other discipline addresses. Artistic Nuance exposes the meaning of musical beauty and the art of expression.


Cases & Stands

Hercules Keyboard Stand Tablet Holder, Smartphone Holder, and Tadgrab Tablet Holder 

Keyboard Stand Tablet Holder:Keyboard Stand Tablet Holder: This fully adjustable versatile design accommodates 7” to 10.1” tablets and has an extremely stable diagonal lock. Perfectly applicable to all keyboard stands and desks within the following dimensions: 0.62” ~ 1.18” round tube; 0.7” ~ 1” square tube; 0.39” ~ 0.98” thickness.

Smartphone HolderSmartphone Holder: This versatile design fits all devices of width from 1.7”-3.5” wide. It features a 360 degrees ball-joint design, and the fully-covered one-piece clamp fits 15.8 mm – 25.4 mm (0.62 – 1”) round tubes and 19 mm (0.75”) square tubes.

Hercules Keyboard Stand Tablet Holder

Tadgrab Tablet Holder: This versatile design fits tablets from 8.9-10.1”, features a 360 degrees ball-joint design, and a fully-covered one-piece clamp, which fits 15.8-25.4mm (0.62-1”) round tubes and 19mm (0.75”) square tubes. Detachable table support is included for desktop use. This works in both landscape and portrait modes. The EZ adaptor allows the tablet to be attached to top of microphone stands (3/8” or 5/8” thread). 



Saga Cremona Artist SV-600 Saga Cremona Artist SV-600 

The easy response and big, sonorous tone will inspire any advancing student on a budget to greater musical heights. All trimmings are of the finest African ebony and each violin is strung with genuine Thomastik Dominant strings. A quality fiberglass bow and a lightweight oblong rigid foam case complete this outfit. Every SV-600 violin is professionally adjusted and regulated in the shop prior to shipping.          


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