Kawai CS11 Hybrid Digital Piano

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • June 27, 2016

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Kawai CS11 Hybrid

Kawai America announces the arrival of two new models in its award-winning Classic Series Digital Piano line. The CS11 is Kawai’s newest Hybrid Digital Piano. The CS11 blurs the line between acoustic pianos and their digital counterparts, creating an instrument where outstanding digital performance merges with acoustic piano characteristics.

For starters, the CS11’s cabinet is the very one used by the Kawai Professional Upright Pianos. Classic lines, traditional leg and toe block design, plus an authentic fallboard create a timeless, traditional appearance. Borrowing further from Kawai’s rich acoustic piano history, the CS11 employs the exclusive Soundboard Speaker System which uses a real wooden soundboard to create the warm, rich, organic sound of an acoustic instrument.

Yet more evidence of the CS11’s acoustic piano heritage is the Grand Feel II action, an action that features extra-long wooden keys and a mechanical design closely emulating that of Kawai’s grand piano actions. Additionally, the front key pivot length of the GF II action is precisely the same length as that of Kawai’s acclaimed RX grand piano’s keys, providing a greater amount of control and nuance to the player.

For tone, the CS11 relies upon Kawai’s signature Harmonic Imaging XL with 88-note piano sampling. Plus, the CS11 now features samples of the Shigeru Kawai EX concert grand and the SK5 chamber grand pianos.

Other digital features include USB digital audio capabilities, USB data storage, 256-note polyphony, split and layered keyboard modes, and a large number of instrumental sounds. The finishing touch is the unique Cheekblock Control System, which provides intuitive operation along with a large LCD display, all discreetly housed in the left check block of the instrument.

The new CS8 Digital Piano joins the CS11 as part of the Classic Series digital piano lineup. It offers all of the attributes of the CS11, except that it uses a traditional 4-speaker sound system rather than the Soundboard Speaker System. It is clad in a traditional digital piano cabinet with a polished ebony finish, making it a beautiful addition to any decor. The CS11 and CS8 are now available in the US and Canada. Learn more about these instruments at www.kawaius.com.




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