Kendor Back Online, Bebop Ballgame, and Funk Tank

Mike Lawson • Repertoire • February 15, 2016

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Written for developing bands, this chart is a swinging, shuffle blues with a fun saxophone soli, a written or ad lib solo for trumpet, and a richly scored ensemble section. Showcasing the entire dynamic range of the band, from a whisper to a roar, it also features Kendor Konvertible scoring for 9-17 players. Each set includes a guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson and optional flute, clarinet, F horn, tuba and vibes parts. Duration 3:35. Kendor Jazz Gateway Series #60042, $45.00

George Shutack has taken one of the most famous tunes in sports, Take Me Out To The Ballgame , and scored it for big band with a heavy dose of bebop influence. Written at the medium level, this swing chart features great melodic lines, an open solo section (written or ad lib), and plenty of ensemble work. Perfect as an opener or as a closer. Duration 3:20. Doug Beach Threshold Series #42431, $52.00

In the spirit of Frank Mantooth and Ashley Alexander, this funk chart provides each section of the band with exciting and distinctive roles that come together and meld into a funky, backbeat groove with a nod to the jazz-rock fusion era. Written for advancing groups, it includes a written or ad lib saxophone solo, an optional vibes part, and a guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson. Duration 5:10.  Kendor Jazz Journey Series #61225, $52.00

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