Key Leaves’ GapCap for Saxophones

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • July 31, 2020

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Key Leaves’ new GapCap for saxophones replaces traditional saxophone end plugs or end caps and features a coil spring wall to provide the perfect fit inside the saxophone neck socket, no matter what make or model you play.

If your saxophone case is loose-fitting, the GapCap screw expands to fill the gap inside the case and hold the sax in a safe, secure position. This reduces risk of bent keys or a bent sax body that results from the sax bouncing around inside a loose-fitting case. The flexible spring wall design of GapCap also provides shock absorption, decreasing impact force that can damage the sax. This is a valuable benefit for players eager to protect saxes that cost thousands of dollars or require hundreds of dollars to repair. A new optional lock nut allows players to find their favorite position and lock it into place.

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