KHS America Helps Spread Music Education in Haiti

Mike Lawson • News • September 6, 2017

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Dr. Milt Allen of The Music Guerrilla and Jupiter Band Instruments recently visited Haiti to assist in teaching at 2 music camps after being invited by BLUME (Building Leaders Using Music Education) president Janet Anthony.

Dr. Allen was there for a total of 11 days, and visited the Cemuchca Community School camp in Terrier Rouge and the Holy Trinity camp in the mountains at Cange during his trip. While there, he guest-conducted the Cemuchca Orchestra, taught music pedagogy classes, conducted classes, gave special presentations in several areas, and worked with individual students when not in class.

“It was so great that to have Jupiter make such much needed donations of both accessories and shirts,” said Allen. “Once again, Jupiter has made a difference in the musical – and personal – lives of others less fortunate, but no less deserving.”

“Milt Allen has such a strong passion to see that every child has access to quality music that we were pleased to help him bring the students in Haiti some much needed accessories,” says Artist and Education relations manager Rick DeJonge. “Working with Dr. Allen allows us as a company to find new regions to support.”

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