Let Them Lead – Student Leadership Tips

Dr. Matthew Arau • CommentaryOctober 2022 • October 13, 2022

Fresh start, new beginnings, blank slate, unlimited possibilities. Embarking on a new school year always gives me butterflies of anticipation as I dream of what is possible and the potential for all students to learn, grow, reach, and thrive. 

This is the ideal time to set your intent, create a vision, and make short- and long-term goals.  

In the past, you may have sat down with your student leadership team to create goals. This year, I encourage you to invite all your students to participate and contribute. On the path toward empowering and engaging all students, you will find collaborating with them and giving them a voice in the creation of a vision for the year will help strengthen trust, community, connection, belonging, motivation, and pride. Sure, it will take a little bit of class time, but the long-term positive impact is well worth the investment. Here’s to a great year! 


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