MagicScore Notation for MS Word Dynamic Notation Plug-in

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • October 6, 2016

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MagicScore Notation For MS Word is powerful music notation software that enables the placement of editable music notation in a Microsoft Word document. Designed for educators, lessons studios, bands, and worship leaders who need to distribute music notation with performance notes and graphics and doesn’t want to require students or band members to purchase notation software.

Other notation programs only export an image of the score which cannot be changed once imported into Word. MagicScore Notation for MS Word lets you easily edit music notes in Word as well as musical symbols and other parts of a musical score. Simply place the MagicScore Notation object in a Word document, click on the part of the music that needs to be changed, and it launches the editor window. Select “Update” in the editor and the changes are instantly reflected in Word.

MagicScore Notation For MS Word is a plug-in for a host application, not a stand-alone product like MagicScore Maestro. Word is the officially-supported host, but Magicscore Notation for MS Word currently works with other programs that support OLE (object embedding) including Open Office. Price: $99.95

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