Meredith Music Publications Announces A New Work from Ed Lisk

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • June 8, 2015

Artistic Nuance: Uncovering the Mystery of Musical Expression by Ed LiskArtistic Nuance: Uncovering the Mystery of Musical Expression, Ed Lisk’s latest publication, has been released by Meredith Music.

Meredith Music Publications Announces A New Work from Ed Lisk!

—“A Dynamic Force in Music Education”—

Delray Beach, Florida (June, 2015) Meredith Music is proud to announce the new release of Ed Lisk’s latest publication Artistic Nuance: Uncovering the Mystery of Musical Expression. ISBN 97891-57463-129-6; $19.95. Lisk’s latest publication presents the art of musical expression in a unique and understandable way that is easy to apply with student musicians. Through music study, students experience the beauty of musical expression – compassion, feeling, sensitivity, warmth, empathy and respect. These are but a few living or life priorities included in music study that no other discipline addresses. Artistic Nuance exposes the meaning of musical beauty and the art of expression.

“Your new book is another fantastic work! You continue to provide the most pragmatic materials on the mysteries of musical expression. I am already utilizing the ideas in my classes. Thank you. Great as always Ed!”

Dr. Kenneth Ozzello, Director of Bands, University of Alabama

“Mr. Lisk’s book unleashes the musicianship and music that is created in real time and goes to the core of true human connection and boundless musical communication.”

Joseph L. Filio, Jr., Director, Liverpool High School Symphonic Band

“I just finished reading your book…. I am humbled by your beautiful soul… and in your pristine outpouring for this precious commodity that you care so deeply about. This book is a work of art! I adore this thoughtful and sincere outpouring and care for Music.”

Elizabeth Sokolowski, Division Head, Music Education, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

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