Music Collaboration for an Engaged Classroom

SBO Staff • January 2023Technology • January 15, 2023

The return to the classroom hasn’t meant a return to the pre-COVID world. The digital tools that facilitated remote teaching haven’t gone away with the return to the classroom; indeed, the best of them are proving to be a real resource that fits the expectations of teachers and students alike. In many ways, this trend toward leveraging digital tools is proving especially beneficial in the music classroom, where they can create more opportunities to engage students and improve performance via interactive learning and practice. Flat for Education, which began providing its collaborative music learning experience long before the pandemic, is one solution that is uniquely adapted for this new framework.

One reason for Flat for Education’s success, trusted by 10,000+ music teachers and used by 2M+ students? Every aspect of the web-based platform has been designed with both teachers and students in mind. For students, there’s a full range of collaborative music learning tools, starting with the online music composer that’s as easy to use as a Google Doc, and continuing with high-quality instrument playback, recording practice, and fun activities to improve their knowledge of music theory and composition.

While students enjoy the interactive features of Flat for Education, teachers will appreciate several other time-saving benefits. When it comes to classroom instruction and assignments, Flat for Education offers auto-generated music theory worksheets, easy-to-create composition and performance assignments, and presentation features like Music Snippet, which lets you quickly insert music notes into lecture materials. There are also some special features that are particularly beneficial for music learners, such as a transposition tool, Boomwhackers, and Kodaly notation.

But it doesn’t stop with great student-facing features. Flat for Education also integrates seamlessly with your current LMS, allows for real-time comments on student work, and has auto-grading and synchronization that can be lifesavers, especially given the ongoing trend of expanding class sizes. That ability to save time on both preparing and grading assignments is a big boost for busy teachers, giving them breathing room and the opportunity to use their precious time on the more creative aspects of lesson planning.

On the administrative side of things, Flat for Education works on all devices (including Chromebooks and smartphones), and fits all ages/levels, as it is currently being used in classes from elementary school up through university. There’s a 3-month free trial to let you and your students try it out and see the benefits for yourselves!

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