Music & Computers For Musicians – a new online course from Alan Parsons’ ASSR to Help Music Teachers “get on top of technology.”

SBO Staff • News • September 2, 2022

Musicians of every stripe and especially those who teach music— orchestra and choir directors and piano teachers along with worship leaders—are frequently too busy playing, teaching, writing, even recording, to find the time to become proficient at conducting a recording on a digital audio workstation themselves.

“It’s too complicated.” “It’s too late.” “I don’t have the time to learn all that.”

And so they depend on (as well as frequently get blinded by science by) others when it comes to the mechanics of operating a DAW and all the opportunities the world of ‘in the box’ recording on a laptop has to offer.

Over ten Lecture and Project modules with more than 4 hours of custom video, Music & Computers For Musicians gets musicians comfortable with the language of technology, up to speed with the opportunities, and then gets them self-sufficient.

From setting up a basic recording rig to recording audio and MIDI, signal processing, mixing, synthesis, creating ringtones, creating music for picture, scoring, creating arrangements and basic orchestration and much more.

The course comprises Lecture Modules, each with a main video and detailed keyword glossary to use as you view. Brief Assignments and in-depth Projects provide the step-by-step tuition needed to build confidence in one’s own ability.

The course uses PreSonus Studio One (free version). Supported by Audacity and MuseScore (also free) course takers will learn how to use the major components of digital recording at no extra equipment cost. The course offers exclusive upgrade discounts of 25% off on PreSonus Studio One Artist and Professional versions

Music & Computers For Musicians is authored by Dave Bristow, one-time senior Yamaha product demonstrator, DX7 sound designer, co-author of FM Theory & Practice with the inventor of FM Synthesis Dr. John Chowning, and ten year lecturer at Shoreline Community College in Seattle.

ASSR uses Teachable as its delivery platform, the same as for its popular Fundamentals of Recording & Music Production course authored by Alan Parsons himself and ASSR partner partner Julian Colbeck.

If you feel the hands-on world of digital audio workstations has passed you by this course is for you.

Lecture Modules

  • Computers & Music: How We Got Here From The Past To The Present
  • Digital Audio Recording: The Process
  • Exactly What Is MIDI & Why Do We Need It?
  • Recording Basic Audio & MIDI On Your Computer
    Production & Mixing
  • All About Synthesizers: The Heart & Sound Of Electronic Music Production
  • Practical Applications For Music Technology: Things You Can Do With It

Project Modules

  • Creating Your Own Personal Ringtone
  • Creating And Integrating A Soundtrack For Video  (1)
  • Creating And Integrating A Soundtrack For Video  (2)
  • Adding An Arrangement And Orchestration To A Song


  • Exploring the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Recording Audio
  • Exploring Sample Rate and Bit Depth
  • Manipulating MIDI chunks
  • Recording MIDI
  • Experimenting with Quantization
  • Recording Audio and MIDI tracks
  • Mixing Practice
  • Basic Synthesis Exercises
  • Experimenting with perception of Minor and Major Chords

Music & Computers For Musicians is aimed at:

  • Musicians nervous or skeptical about music technology, who feel they might have missed the boat.
  • Creatives looking to generate music for video / podcasts, compose ringtones, collaborate.
  • Music teachers, who need to keep up with technology.
  • Worship leaders / choir directors wishing to streamline, and improve their performances.
  • PreSonus Studio One owners who’ve not yet taken the plunge.

Enrolling Now for $249 at:

Contact Julian Colbeck or Jenny Cogswell at ASSR

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