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Musical Instrument Donations to Kenya Are Turning Kids Into Musical Prodigies

Sharon Paquette Lose • News • February 2, 2016

KenyaClassical music is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of music being played in underprivileged areas in Africa.

But the Art of Music Foundation is training students in the slums of Kenya to be the next musical prodigies with the Ghetto Classics initiative.

The foundation trains almost 300 children every week where students are provided instruments and classes that are all free of charge.

The director of the program believes that the training they receive will not only teach them music, but also important life skills and a general purpose in life.

Demonstrating the true powers of music, the students also told CNN how the initiative has also given them a sense of direction and also a community.

“Ghetto Classics” are bringing hope to slums in Kenya, one musical note at a time.

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