MusicFirst to Launch Online Platform for Elementary Students, Music First Junior

Mike Lawson • • April 30, 2016

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MusicFirst introduces MusicFirst Junior, an easy-to-use online learning management system for teaching elementary music.

“MusicFirst Junior is such a fun platform that learning quickly becomes something students look forward to,” said MusicFirst Director, Dr. Jim Frankel. “It’s also a fantastic resource for educators, as it makes teaching music even more enjoyable. We feel confident that it’ll become a favorite among students and teachers alike.”  

Launching in August, MusicFirst Junior offers award-winning, built-in music apps, including Groovy Music: Shapes, Jungle, and City Create Modes; Groovy Explore; Morton Subotnick’s Music Academy; and an audio recorder that allows students to make simple recordings of their music, with or without a metronome.  

Using iPads, Chromebooks, or any device able to run a standard Web browser, MusicFirst Junior gives elementary students instant access to music-learning tools and learning content relevant to their level, matched with kid-friendly graphics and age-appropriate curriculum.  

MusicFirst Junior:  

•    Is ideal for traditional instruction, flipped classrooms, cross-arts learning, and for differentiated instruction.

•    Includes a library of exercises and pre-programmed Learning Pathways created to suit many different pedagogies, including Orff or Kodály, that address state and national standards. Teachers can also build their own to meet their exact needs and those of their students.

•    Gives teachers control over assignments with a simple drag and drop interface.

•    Makes it easy for teachers to observe what students have been exploring, learning, and creating.

•    Enables students to learn anywhere, any time, using a standard Web browser or iOS device.  

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