New Mouthpieces from JodyJazz

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • July 31, 2020

JodyJazz’s new DV BEATBoX Tenor Saxophone mouthpiece is a new addition to their range designed with “Beatbox Sax” virtuoso Derek Brown.

The new DV BEATBoX Tenor is a silver-plated customized DV mouthpiece in Derek’s #5 tip opening. The new DV BEATBoX Tenor also features “DV BEATBoX” engraved on the side in the characteristic typeface used by Derek in all his projects in order to solidify the mouthpiece’s association with him. MSRP: $650.

In addition, the new HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto mouthpiece is the newest addition to JodyJazz’s HR* CUSTOM DARK line of premium hard rubber mouthpieces. The new HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto offers the same beautiful, warm, dark, traditional, vintage sound characteristic of the HR* CUSTOM DARK series. The new HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto is available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 tip openings. The new HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto also features a heavy stylized ring on the shank of the mouthpiece. With significantly more mass on the shank of the mouthpiece the HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto enjoys a boost of body and increased harmonics.

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