New Percussion from Rhythm Tech

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • March 19, 2019

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The new Rhythm Tech Lap Top Cajon features a new Selvato finish on the drums shell and the Palma Snare, which adds a wild new array of sonic nuances and playing experience.

This cajon has the addition of the enhanced bass port design and includes a shoulder strap for playing while standing.  MAP: $79.99

The new Bongo Box Cajon also features the new Palma Snare with on/off mechanism, a Selvato finish, and a shoulder strap for easy playing while standing, taking this celebrated Afro-Cuban instrument to a whole new playing level. MAP: $99.99

The new 12” Djembe, complete with a shoulder strap, brings the convenience of top side tuning with drum lug and drum key design to the international world of djembe artists. This model also features a patented PVC extruded shell design, Selvato finish, and superior quality hardware. MAP: $199

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