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Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • March 9, 2015

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Légère Inspiration Mouthpiece CombinationAccessories

Légère Inspiration Mouthpiece Combination

Nick Kuckmeir designed each piece as the perfect complement to Légère reeds. 

Each Inspiration combination for BH clarinet and alto saxophone includes one matte finish mouthpiece, one Rovner ligature (in North America) or BG Ligature (outside North America), one Légère reed (Signature or Classic), one mouthpiece cap, and one Inspiration mouthpiece cushion.

On-Stage Stands S7711 Conductor Stand

On-Stage Stands SM7711 Conductor Stand

The SM7711 features a space-saving 3-point base, steel shaft and base, and easy height adjustment. Its lightweight aluminum bookplate resists the corrosion that is common with other designs, while reducing weight. With a 3lb weight capacity, the SM7711 handles large books and binders, plus page lyres, lamps, and other accessories.

The bookplate support system of the SM7711 sports a plastic pivot clutch that provides smooth knob-free tilt adjustment. A clutchless height adjustment system also eliminates the need for knobs, relying instead on a precision brass slider, allowing easy positioning for sitting or standing. Finally, the compact steel base features a tripod design that prevents tipping, while fitting nicely on a crowded stage. A threaded insert in the base allows it to be removed for easier portability. List price of $79.99, and a MAP of $44.95.            

MusicNomad Care Cradle Cube

MusicNomad Care Cradle Cube

MusicNomad Equipment Care Cradle Cube is a multi-sided, multi-angled, soft gel neck support cradle to securely hold all guitars, ukuleles, orchestral strings, and other instruments in place while repairing and maintaining them. The Cradle Cube’s soft gel is safe on all finishes including nitrocellulose and has five different angles to choose from to customize to your needs. Flip it over and it acts as a caddy for tools and cleaning supplies. The Cradle Cube retails between $19.99 and $22.99.


Behringer Motör 49 and Motör 61Behringer Motör 49 and Motör 61

With 61 and 49 keys respectively, the Motör 61 and Motör 49 combine all the features of a keyboard controller, plus separate banks of nine touch-sensitive motorized faders and drum pads. The motorized 60 mm faders are centrally located for easy control of soft synths, drawbar organs, effects and DAW parameters. Additionally, a separate bank of eight backlit, velocity and pressure-sensitive drum pads are available. Behringer also offers user presets for a variety of specific software/hardware combinations –free of charge. The Behringer Motör61 and Motör49 are available at a suggested U.S. MAP of $299.99 and $249.99, respectively – and are covered by Music Group’s three-year limited warranty.

Lowrey InspireLowrey Inspire 

The EY400 ‘Inspire’ is Lowrey’s newest offering. A global collection of presets, numbering in the thousands, gives the Inspire the Lowrey ‘touch and play’ ease of operation. At the same time, the Inspire offers a collection of fully customizable styles, sounds, and effects for a seemingly endless variety.


Yamaha Chicago B-Flat TrumpetYamaha Xeno Artist Model Chicago B-flat Trumpet

The YTR-9335CHSII has been updated with the input of John Hagstrom, second trumpet in the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra brass section. This B-flat instrument complements the acclaimed Xeno Artist Model Chicago C trumpet, released in 2013.

On the Chicago B-flat instrument, a new bell taper, heavier leadpipe, and geometric changes in the tubing combine to create an instrument capable of delivering even the most complex musical passage with a responsive playing feel, nuanced sound characteristics and accurate, even intonation. Reconfigured pistons optimize the flow of air, creating ideal response with fluid resistance. Yamaha even redesigned the right-hand finger hook and the braces between the leadpipe and the bell to allow for a more natural feel and to let notes in the upper registers sing more freely. MSRP: $6,191


Prentice Music Practice PadsPrentice Music Practice Pads

The Prentice Practice Pad has an 8mm cymbal stand attachment incorporated into the new and improved  base material. These improvements offer greater options for your practice pad placement with no change to feel, clarity of sound, or price. MSRP: $59.99.

Yamaha SCK-350 Student Percussion KitYamaha SCK-350 Student Percussion Kit

The SCK-350 kit includes a 13” x 3” maple shell snare drum and a sturdy aluminum bell marimba set in F57 to C88 range. To provide a realistic playing and educational experience, no note names are indicated on the marimba bell bars, which begin on F rather than a G to reduce confusion for beginners and increase scale options. The package also comes with an 8” tunable practice drum pad, a stand with a snare basket and a stand for the bells, a music rack, mallets, and Vic Firth drumsticks, all of which fit into a soft combination backpack/rolling case. The SCK-350 Student Percussion Kit (MSRP: $799) is shipping.


The Hal Leonard Perfect Pitch MethodHal Leonard Perfect Pitch Method: A Musician’s Guide to Recognizing Pitches by Ear

Many years in the making, the Perfect Pitch Method: A Musician’s Guide to Recognizing Pitches by Ear is written by Adam Perlmutter and comes complete with three CDs as well as access to online audio. Perfect pitch is largely a misunderstood phenomenon. The Hal Leonard Perfect Pitch Method is designed to help musicians develop a sense of perfect pitch. At the heart of this book is a series of 49 ear-training sessions, designed to be studied one per day for seven weeks, using the included CDs or the online audio. Many of the lessons include three separate drills, which can be done one at a time to stretch the method out, or all three at once. It is priced at $29.99.

Hal Leonard Essential Elements InteractiveHal Leonard Essential Elements Interactive

A mobile version of the company’s EEi browser-based program, the free app is the latest in a long line of innovations for Essential Elements Band and Strings – the most widely used band and orchestra methods in the world. The EEi app harnesses powerful technology tools for online teaching, learning, assessment, and communication. The content compliments and expands on Hal Leonard books. Users must purchase Essential Elements books from a retailer in order to get a code in the book to access the app. As always, Hal Leonard has built dealers squarely into the equation. The EEi iPad app boosts the ease and effectiveness of music instruction, with many resources to build better teachers and ramp up lines of communication among directors, students, their parents and local retailers. The net effect is healthier programs and higher retention rates for students studying music.

Musician's KitMusician’s Kit

Never again will you need to switch back and forth between apps while practicing. Musician’s Kit places all of your musical utilities (tuner, metronome, and sound recorder) into one convenient bundle. Using the built-in microphone (or headset) on your iOS device, you can get a quick and easy tune up before rehearsal. It also offers a tone generator, if that’s what you prefer. The metronome offers an intuitive interface that allows you to set beats/minute, beats/measure, and subdivisions/beat. It even lets you tap in your own tempo for easy synchronization. The recorder stores its audio tracks in .wav files on your device, and convert the wave files to .AAC, so you can easily share audio tracks by email attachment (WAV files are too large for email).

Band & Orchestra

Row-Loff Production Blast Off Series Row-Loff Production’s Blast Off Series 

Row-Loff presents two new packages for beginning percussionists:

  • Metal Worx – A collection of 4 Grade I-II metal trash can and bucket pieces.

Item#BOS015  $25.00

  • Bucket Worx – A collection of 4 Grade I-II 5-gallon plastic bucket pieces.

Item#BOS016  $25.00




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