New Releases from Buffet Crampon

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • January 31, 2018

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The new Légende professional clarinets from Buffet Crampon feature a cylindrical bore design and is considered the top model in the Tradition bore family.

The Légende has silver-plated keys with gold-plated posts and tenon rings, as well as a gold-plated emblem on the upper joint designating the model. The body is available in either premium unstained African blackwood or Green LinE material, and both body types also feature Green LinE tone hole inserts in the upper joint. The pads are a combination of GT and cork and, like the Tosca and Divine models, the Légende also features a low F correction key on the lower joint. A compact case and stylish case cover complete the outfit.

The new ICON bass clarinet necks and bells are available in both Prestige and Tosca designs and are made from red copper with a clear coat of lacquer. The necks are a two-piece design and have an immediate effect on the sound and response of the bass, providing better flexibility crossing the break and playing between intervals. ICON bells provide improved projection while still creating a warm sound.  Both are engraved with the ICON logo.

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