Noteflight Announces First Ever Audio Recording for Online Music Notation

Mike Lawson • News • June 17, 2016

Noteflight, the world’s first and most innovative online music notation software, has announced the first ever online audio recording feature for music notation software. This allows the over two million Noteflight community members to record personal performances of the music that they create on Noteflight’s innovative web-based application.

This revolutionary new feature allows Noteflight Premium users to record live audio of one or more musical parts within a notated score, in synchronization with other existing parts. They can then easily share their musical composition and audio recording as a single document, with other individuals or with the Noteflight community.

Educators and students will benefit from the ability to create and share recordings of notated music using Noteflight Learn. Teachers can present a musical score with a model recording, and students can record their parts for feedback and assessment.


“Web audio technology is advancing rapidly and we are excited to be on the cutting edge of what is possible today,” said Joe Berkovitz, President of Noteflight. “Noteflight will continue to innovate in order to inspire more musicians to create and share music on the web, and to make that experience richer and richer.”

Noteflight Premium and Noteflight Learn are available from Hal Leonard thanks to unique sales programs that enable brick and mortar stores to offer online memberships at special rates often not even found online. For more information call the Hal Leonard E-Z Order Line at 1-800-554-0626.

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