Our Executive Editor on the Passing of SBO’s Founding Publisher Sid Davis

Mike Lawson • News • April 10, 2023

Christian Wissmuller (the dorky guy on the left) and Sidney Davis (on the right – cooler than you’ll ever be) in 2015

My world is rocked. I worked for Sidney Davis for many years (2002-2013) and just heard of his unexpected passing during the night of Saturday, April 8.

Sid – longtime publisher of, and contributor to MMRwas *massively* influential in my professional career and personal life. I consider him the greatest mentor and one of the most meaningful friends I’ve ever had.
When we first met, I was a 28 year-old longhaired “kid” who he (rightfully!) was highly skeptical of. Cut to the last 15 or so years and he was my most trusted advisor, my harshest critic (he always expected “more” of me and my work), and my staunchest supporter.
Since I heard the news of his passing a few hours ago (very bad timing; I was at a Celtics game – fwiw he would have loved that) I’ve been struggling with not bawling in public and trying to figure out how best to internalize the news.
I absolutely loved Sid. In the course of completely unrelated convos and texts this afternoon, when I’ve let my family and friends know, “Hey. Sorry – Sid passed away and I really can’t talk now,” they ALL immediately knew not only who I was talking about, but how deeply it would impact me.
Sidney Davis was one of my favorite people. I am a better person for his guidance and friendship. He was a Boston OG and I am crushed to know he’s no longer with us.
My sorrow is, no doubt/of course, but a fraction of his family’s.
Sid Davis was a giant. My world is less complete today.
Rest in power my friend,
Christian Wissmuller
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