Pictorial: Style and Sound – Uniforms, Footwear, and Field Equipment for 2015

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • June 11, 2015

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Chloe Dress for girls and youth

SBO presents some of the latest uniform and footwear designs plus new field equipment for marching bands and color guards from leading manufacturers.

Cousin’s Concert Attire

Cousin’s Concert Attire’s Chloe Dress for girls and youth is made of wrinkle resistant, matte jersey stretch knit. This sweetheart neckline, floor-length, princess-seamed gown features a set-in-front empire waistband that turns into back fitting ties. Consider accentuating your soloists, seniors, or a special group with the same dress in a different color. 

DeMoulin printed fabrics and jacquards


Recent seasons have seen the growth of printed fabrics and jacquards incorporated into the uniform design, as well as continued interest in ombre prints along with numerous special braids and accent trims, all intended to bring more visual appeal to the uniform. More schools are seeking simple pattern concepts with fewer pieces and parts but not sacrificing high impact accent pieces such drapes and skirted drops to bring more drama to the field.

Pro Touring Digital Field PA Systems



Pro Touring Digital Field PA Systems

Inspired by the current trends of the drum corps industry, the core of this system is McCormick’s new Pro Touring Mixer Cart. With more than twice the storage of the standard Gig Rig, you’ll find room for everything you need and more. Combine that with your choice of three Yamaha digital mixers, the most powerful amps Yamaha makes, and Club Series dual speaker cabinet. The system is prewired for bi-amplification to use a single four-line cable from the mixer cart to each subwoofer, plus speaker jumper cables to carry the signal up to the top speakers, for quick, fool-proof connection every time. 


PowerRyder Cases/Mobile Battery Power Cells


PowerRyder Cases/Mobile Battery Power Cells

Replace your gas-powered generators with our battery-powered  PowerRyder Cases “Just Flip a Switch for AC Power.” Simple and safe to use without gasoline or toxic exhaust. We have these built with up to four batteries to power your field PA system or any electronic equipment for up to 40 hours. All PowerRyder Cases Include Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters with GFCI receptacles, a battery status indicator, AGM batteries, plus an AGM battery charger. There is no other product similar to our power cases. These are sole source items developed by our company. Go green, no gas!





Glide: Dinkles most popular shoe. The high quality vinyl construction combines stylish looks with an affordable price.

Vanguard: The flagship of the Dinkles family of shoes. The all-leather shoe that defined marching shoes nearly 30 years ago is still going strong and is relied upon by top programs for performance and durability.


Velocity shoeSmith & Walbridge

Worn by the 2013 DCI World Champions Carolina Crown, the Velocity shoe features a slimmer look, thinner soles, better tread, and a stitched toe channel. DSI-brand shoes have a reputation for comfort and quality, and are strong enough to be used by 10 of the Top 12 Drum Corps. 


The Band Hall Uniforms and Accessories

The Band Hall

The Band Hall provides uniforms and accessories to marching bands, drum corps and color guards in all 50 states, Europe, and Asia. We have years of experience as educators, performers, musicians, and fans. Time tested techniques, passion, tailoring to the ensemble and attention to detail are our hallmarks. At The Band Hall we aren’t satisfied with just a great design. We care about every detail of our construction, and above all we want every performer to feel and look like the superstars they are! We like it when you look good!

Classic and Customary Militaria-inspired Uniforms from Stanbury



“A collection of unique musician’s attire that pays homage to the deep military roots of outdoor pageantry. Classic and customary militaria is represented here in sleek and graphic ways through the unlikely marriage of time-honored tailoring and advanced imprint technologies.” 

– designer Brent Becker


Performer PLUSGateway Shoes

Gateway Shoes introduces the Performer PLUS. This shoe was developed with the input from hundreds of band directors and students. The outsole has been entirely redesigned to have a smooth transitions on all surfaces : pavement, natural turf, artificial turf, even mud. As with the original Perfomer, the PLUS is made with our exclusive direct-attached soling technology that is guaranteed never to separate. They feature a blister resistant ankle pad, padded microcellular insole, textile linings to keep the foot cool, and a super lightweight thermoplastic elastomer outsole for comfort and slip resistance.  

FJM Cesario Collection



The Cesario Collection Uniform Performance Wear, manufactured by FJM, Inc., provides the highest level of well-crafted, athletically-styled and constructed garments for today’s student musicians. Years of research, development, and field trials have produced a new concept in uniforms, forged from entirely new patterns and construction. FJM has developed the hottest thing going in the uniform industry today. 




Rolled-Heel: Patented technology directs the foot into and through a perfect corps-style, “glide step.” Over and over, effortlessly, until it becomes automatic. 

Achilles Tendon/Heel-Lock: Plush-Comfort Ankle Collar derived from high-end sports shoes, the heel lock and collar protect, secure, and stabilize the foot. Promotes flawless execution of complex drills.

Forefoot Hinge: Another unique innovation facilitates a more pleasing, “Toes-Up” visual-effect. Some band shoes fight the foot’s anatomy. This strategically placed “groove” complements it for a graceful, “ball of the foot” flex.




All Bandmans uniforms are customized to your needs; choose one of our designs and customize every detail including color, trim, buttons, pattern, embroidery, and accessories. You may also choose to design your own look and utilize our free design services to create a one-of-a-kind uniform made especially for you. 

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