POPulus Releases Its Ninth Album

SBO Staff • News • January 19, 2022

Ilium Records is pleased to announce the release of Imagine…, the ninth album from Troy University’s POPulus. Imagine…, released on December 3, 2021, features a variety of styles and appeals to a diverse audience. The album is now available streaming platforms throughout the world.

The Imagine… EP is Ilium Records’ ninth studio project, and is written, performed and recorded by the student artists and engineers of POPulus. Imagine… is a product of overcoming the obstacles presented to the world by COVID-19. The album features five songs, ranging from the loneliness of the pandemic and the effect it takes on the mind in “Spiraling”, to the highs of imagining the possibilities of our future in the title track, “Imagine”.

“I think it is one of the most complete and diverse albums POPulus has released yet” – Cole Jackson, co-producer of Imagine… and writer of the title track “Imagine”

POPulus is Troy University’s American popular music ensemble. Through Troy’s music industry program and POPulus, aspiring artists, songwriters, engineers, artist managers, and marketing professionals are given a hands-on experience to prepare them in each respective field. Students involved in POPulus perform American popular music from every era. From pop to rap, rock to R&B, and country to soul, POPulus performs it all!

For more Information, email Robert W. Smith at rwsmith@troy.edu

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