Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) and Shure Incorporated Offer 3rd Annual Mark Brunner Professional Audio Scholarship

SBO Staff • News • April 3, 2023

Mark Brunner

Annual scholarship celebrates the life and accomplishments of industry leader, long-time Shure executive, and founding PAMA member Mark Brunner

Applications are now being accepted; visit for more information —

The Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA), in partnership with Shure Incorporated, is accepting applications for the 3rd annual Mark Brunner Professional Audio Scholarship, offered to students worldwide who are pursuing an education in professional audio. Brunner, a long-time Shure executive, PAMA founding member, and leading voice in the audio community, had an unwavering passion for education and mentorship throughout his career. $2,000 scholarships are targeted to recipients following their passion for audio in an accredited audio program. PAMA and Shure are specifically interested to learn how the applicants plan to share their knowledge with others in a manner consistent with Mark’s legacy. Scholarship applications are open as of April 1, with a submission deadline of May 31. Visit for more information and to submit an application.
On behalf of PAMA, Chris Regan, chair of the board of directors, stated, “Mark Brunner’s legacy is that of a friend, mentor and ardent supporter of audio education. For the third year, we are able to pay tribute to him with this scholarship. We look forward to giving assistance to more talented young audio professionals carving their path as the next generation.”
“We’ve already seen how much this scholarship has helped students – and Mark would be so proud of that,” said Chris Schyvinck, President and CEO of Shure. “He had an unending and tireless passion for helping others in the audio industry.”
The recipients of the first scholarship were Dennis Freeman from Middle Tennessee State University and Emma Brooks from Berklee College of Music. The second scholarship went again to Freeman and Brooks, as well as Benjamin Nix-Bradley of CSU Northridge.
Reflecting on being awarded last year’s scholarship, Nix-Bradley stated, “The Mark Brunner Scholarship helps me recognize how my passion for music and technology is valuable for future projects in entertainment and education. This honor tells me I am on the right track. Thank you for supporting my academic and professional goals.”
About Mark Brunner:
A former President of PAMA from 2011-2013, Brunner provided a consistent voice to the strategic implementation of various PAMA activities. During his tenure at Shure, he held several key positions, including Director of Advertising, Managing Director of the Musical Instrument and Touring Sound business unit, and Vice President of Global Corporate & Government Relations. Mark worked on numerous industry issues, including the FCC rules for wireless device operation/frequency, spectrum allocation, and protecting the wireless microphone market sector. Additionally, he was a prominent member of The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing® Manufacturer Council, where he frequently shared his views on legislative wireless white space and broadband issues as well as other related industry matters.
For more information, please go to
About PAMA:
Founded in 2003 and celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) is the collective voice and forum for the leading manufacturers of professional audio products and the people who use them. PAMA member companies conduct business worldwide in support of high-quality audio across a wide range of industries – pursuing the state of the art in technology and practice to enable audio professionals to elevate their craft and delight listeners and audiences every day. PAMA’s mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of high-quality professional audio through market leadership, communication and education. Our core customers are pro-audio professionals around the world with an interest in promoting high-quality audio. Learn more at
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